The Mission

Whether it’s the premiere of a new play, the Chicago debut of a young director, or an actress on the cusp of hitting it big, On Deck Theatre champions the newest, most promising talent Chicago has to offer. We believe audiences should be able to experience and enjoy eclectic, high quality productions by people you may not have seen before (but will definitely want to see again).

Company Members

Eric Martindale, Artistic Director

Eric moved to Chicago in August 2011 after graduating the previous year from Ball State University with a degree in Directing. Riding the "L" to his day job, Eric had an idea to create a theatre company. The emphasis would be producing solid, original work for an audience that would otherwise have difficulty seeing it. "Sometimes making theatre is the only way you'll ever get to do theatre." He quickly reached out to five of his dear friends - the result has formulated into On Deck Theatre Company. The process of creating a theatre company has been both exhausting and exciting, and Eric couldn't have done it without the extraordinary collaboration from fellow members.

Adam Lord, Company Manager

Adam’s greatest achievement thus far is winning a free trip to Disney World when he was 12 and one day hopes to find the adult equivalent. He holds a Bachelor’s in Theatrical Studies which he uses to start theatre companies and make coffee for other people. Fun facts: He is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, can say things in four different languages (Bonjour, señor!), and dreams of opening a pottery business in the Caribbean.

Cody Nicoletti, Managing Director

Cody graduated in 2010 from Ball State University with a degree in Theatre Performance and a minor in Mathematics. Having spent time in both the financial industry and the creative world, Cody has always loved each facet of theatre, from playwright to funding to production. With 5 years of box office and theatre management experience, Cody hopes to sharpen his business and creative skills as On Deck Theatre continues to grow and expand. From children's theatre to Commedia dell'arte, from mathematics to web design, Cody throws his eclectic brain into the mix with everything he's got.